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                Registering a Printer to Google Cloud Print

                To use the service, you need to create a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you need to create one first.
                Open the printer's Web Config in a browser.
                Open the browser and enter your printer’s IP address as shown below.
                http://<Printer IP address> (without the < >)
                You can check your printer’s IP address using one of the following methods. For more information on the network status, see the documentation provided with your printer.
                The network status on the printer’s control panel
                The network status sheet
                The network connection check report
                Tap Firmware Update, and then follow the instructions to update the printer’s firmware.
                Click or tap Google Cloud Print Services.
                Click or tap Register.
                Click or tap Usage Advisory and read it carefully, select Accept, and then click or tap Next.
                A confirmation screen is displayed.
                Click or tap OK to open the Google Cloud Print registration screen.
                Sign in to Google using your account.
                Click or tap the confirmation button on the Google website.
                When registration is complete, an information sheet is printed from the printer you registered. You can now use the Google Cloud Print service.
                To use this service, select the printing menu from a Google Cloud Print compatible application.
                You can access the Google Cloud Print maintenance page by signing in to Google and accessing the account settings page.
                For more information about Google Cloud Print, see the Google website.
                If you want to suspend and resume the Google Cloud Print service or if you want to delete a registered printer, make settings from the printer’s control panel or from Web Config. For more information, see the printer’s documentation.